Our hi-tech water jet cutting facilities are capable of use in a broad gamut of applications and we can handle virtually any material of about 3500 mm in thickness. As a leading player in India, we offer our hi-tech services to a variety of industries, including critical industries like defence, oil & gas and aerospace and marine.

Imported from Germany, our top class machines help us deliver superior results on any material be it glass, steel or even titanium. High precision in our operations saves on material wastage and our expertise in water jet cutting ensures that we are able to produce ‘picture-perfect’ results with no burrs. This means that the output we deliver is a final product in itself and requires no surfacing or machining of any sort. Further, water jet cutting is a clean technology that is environmental friendly.

We have perfected the water jet cutting technology and have the ability to create complex parts and angles with a high level of accuracy and close tolerance. We have set the bench mark with our quick turn-around times in the industry and have grown year on year in both demand and volume delivery.