Design and Development

SASA® offers complete design and engineering solutions with our extensive CAD, CAM, finite analysis and reverse engineering capabilities. With a talented pool of engineers and excellent domain proficiency, we are able to cater to a wide industrial base including manufacturing, small and medium scale industries and prototyping.

We provide customers with a high level of customization capabilities at all levels. Using our cross functional expertise and various API programming platforms to supplement our SOLIDWORKS excellence, we deliver the best and complete solutions to our customers. Our innovative design solutions have helped solve key issues and helped us carve a reputed name in all areas related to engineering services including product design, modelling, engineering analysis, application development, process engineering, reverse and reengineering.

We undertake pure design and simulation projects, as well as contractual work and end-to-end engineering and prototyping, with our in-house foundry, metal cutting and processing services. From schematic drawing to complex animations, 3D drawings and modelling, we offer a broad range of solutions to the most pressing of needs. With our unmatched problem solving skills and excellent client confidentiality, no dream is too far or too high to chase!
We have over 4000 projects to our credit and the list is only growing!