What Will Waterjet Cutting Be Like In 10 Years?


Water Jet Cutting is the prime cutting technology available, being the most accessible and the easiest of cuts. Modernization and up-gradation has been happening in all fields and water jet cutting is no exception. So what’s next?

We all know that water jet cutting has got expeditious as it has been able to deliver higher water pressure through the cutting head. However, the maximum speed gains might not be through the water pressure, instead it will be by technological upgrades in the field of software and design.

Options are now available for customers to share design of their cut who are in urgent need of a part of the job.

Water jet cutting tops the way in their ability to cut to depths 10 times those of laser. Eventually, we might be cutting metal to half a meter’s depth by exploiting the property of increased water pressure.

The biggest leap in recent years is XD cutting through water jet cutters. It has the ability to cut parts beyond the two-dimensional cut i.e. a complex three-dimensional part can be cut in one take, rather than requiring costly and time-consuming secondary cuts. When an understanding that a save in money and time can be achieved with more accurate in this cutting, more companies will pitch in for employing this technology to its maximum.

Accessibility of water jet cutting to all calls for the idea of setting up a workshop in a parking lot or other day- to- day available common space options. This helps in using a cutting machine at anybody’s ease to carry out substantial simple cuts.

In near future, it can be made available to any small business in semi-regular need of parts cut. However, it will always be a traced back to the query of what a professional water jet cutter can offer.

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