Things to Know in Automotive Industry Using WaterJet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting in Automobile Industry

Waterjet cutting machines play a key role on production lines in the automotive industry. This machine can operate on different parts made of different materials without disrupting the line. You can change anything except the control program.

The automotive industry hopped on waterjet and made use of this inventive technology for its high reliability of burr exclusion and riddance of manual operations. Number of automotive applications of waterjet cutting, including Ingersoll- Rand waterjet system at Volvo, owes to the properties as it is quite simple to automate, flexible design changes, ability to cut in any direction and different materials ranging from plastic and rubber to carpet. American auto firms and their European counterparts apply waterjets in cutting systems.

The escalating use of thermosetting and thermoplastic resins, as well as SMC (sheet molded compound), housings and trim go well within the capability of waterjet.

In particular, the aerospace industry, make use of metallic and non- metallic materials for lighter, stronger structural elements and more proficient production system. Waterjets have reached a significant place in the machining of composites. Waterjet cutting and hydrobrasive machining can be done in materials listed below:

  • Aluminum and Titanium alloys and epoxies
  • Continuous fiber reinforced metal matrix composites
  • Graphite- reinforced resin
  • Ceramic- reinforced aluminum or thick- plate titanium.

A study about composites was conducted to observe the effect of varying jet pressure; material feed rate, nozzle orifice diameter, material thickness and material type on cutting effectiveness. It revealed that waterjet can incise/ engrave composites with almost no airborne dust generated. This occurs at a noise level of less than 80 db. Recent developments are focused on the utilization of abrasive waterjet for trimming and drilling CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) parts like as those used in modern aircraft.

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