Fiber Laser Cutting Services in Pune

With the latest of Fiber Laser cutting technology, SASA® Engineering is able to deliver an excellent laser cutting for Metal & Non-Metal parts. With our state of the art plant, we ensure that you can take full advantage of the Laser cutting process including:

    • Faster cutting and reduced turn-around times.
    • Ability to handle a broad spectrum of materials including various grades of Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, GI and of various non-metallic with wide range of thicknesses 1 to 20 MM
    • Tangible cost savings comparing CO2 Laser cutting.
    • Excellent versatility, since we can undertake various operations related to metal cutting including stack cutting, bevelling, shape cutting, gouging and piercing.
    • Wood laser cutting , Metal laser cutting, Steel laser cutting, fabric laser cutting.

Our expert laser cutting services in pune ensures that we can get a precise kerf (or cut) mainly due to excellent operator control, we are able to attain deliver unmatched quality and precision in our cutting activity.