We, SASA ENGINEERING take this opportunity to inform that we have set up fully automatic world class CNC WATERJET CUTTING JOB SHOP at Pune to fulfill industry specific cutting needs. Our mission is to establish fastest and accurate material cutting technology to every prospect & customers to make state of the art water jet cutting technology from WATER JET GERMANY accessible to all segments of the Industry.

Water Jet Cutting Process

Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process for cutting almost all materials including metals, non metals, stone, glass, plastics etc. Water jet cutting uses high pressure water, forced through a tiny orifice (nozzle) to form a jet, to cut soft materials like rubber, foam and paper. Abrasive particles (garnet) are added to the jet of water to cut harder material like steel, titanium, glass and marble. This is called Abrasive Water jet cutting. The high-pressure water forced through the tiny orifice concentrates high energy to a tiny area on the work piece to cut it. The water jet can create thin details almost any shape, and achieves high accuracy without burrs or frayed edges. This technology has more advantages such as Stress free cutting, No heat affected zone, Wide range of materials, Cuts complex patterns without tooling or burrs, Saves raw material etc., when compared to other cutting technologies. This technology finds application in wide areas such as Aerospace applications, Defence applications, Architectural applications, Engineering Applications, Automobile industry etc

Waterjet cutting is currently used in the processing of many different materials, including steel, copper, aluminium, brass, titanium, bronze, carbon fibre, Kevlar, Inconel, composites, circuit boards, metal alloys, glass, acrylic glass, stone, marble, tiles, ceramics, bricks, porcelain, timber, leather, rubber, plastics, rock wool, carpets, foams, paper and food.


  • Technymon Technology India (P) Ltd Customer Visited job shop for technical evaluation. They are happy with with set up.
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  • OBC Bank Sr. Manager visited job shop.
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Copper, Brass, Graphite
Engineering & Metal
Marble & Tiles
Foam, glass, Ployetheiene, Alumina
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